Attorney Files Class Action Lawsuit Against CNN For Bullying Trump Supporters!

by Ruby Henley
If you are a Trump supporter, are you sick of being called names such as “racist,” or “radical terrorist?”
San Diego Attorney, Joni Turner, has just  made a huge announcement live on periscope via Twitter saying she is filing a criminal and civil lawsuit against CNN on behalf of the American people that are being targeted as “radical terrorists” in their own Country.  She has had it!

Published on Aug 20, 2017????????Youth4Trump ????? @CoreyLMJones 1h1 hour ago
My aunt, Attorney Joni Turner, taking down Fake News CNN! #MAGA @joniturnerlaw
She is asking you to join her,  and she says this is a suit for the United States. Joni is full of fire, and when you watch the above video you will feel her passion, and you will know this could be a win for the American Conservatives.  Her website is:
She is asking you to join her and sign up to be a part of this suit.  She says it could even be criminal, as CNN is targeting Conservatives as “radical terrorists” causing them to be stalked.
The constant bullying of Trump supporters is endangering our lives.  This type of behavior must stop!
We have seen bloodshed at Trump rallies, and it is criminal.  It is time to put a stop to this out-of-control bullying.
The argument could be made that CNN’s support for Antifa terrorist groups, makes those very same media outlets terrorists themselves, by default.  
Attorney Joni Hunter puts it this way:
CNN is putting “targets on Americans backs,” via “cyber bullying, menacing and harassment of the American People,” by labeling Americans that do not espouse the political ideology of hate groups such as the Southern Poverty Law Center.
Ms. Turner will be setting up a website, where she will be asking Americans that have been targeted, especially those that have had physical altercations with the alt-left (Antifa groups) when attending a rally, a Trump event, or were attacked because of MSM targeting, to add their names to the list of litigants that can be used as proof that CNN and SPLC are deliberately targeting Americans for harm.
She explains that this type of case has never been approached before against a media organization, but that it comes down to the fact that CNN has given up on being a “bona-fide” news organization in favor of becoming the “the mouth piece for the alt left.”
She praises President Trump as the smartest President we have ever had.  She said she does not believe for one minute that he fired Steve Bannon.  Bannon is a “cannon” she says, and he is back at BREITBART helping President Trump bring the bad guys down.

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  1. She needs to use the O’Keefe video where that DNC Scum Bag is bragging about gittin paid and paying thugs to dress up as Trump Supporters and cause violence. Surely this is a felony. On top of that he supposedly was a guest in the White House over 300 times! Hitler and Lenin /Stalin would be so proud of him!

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