Australia Apology to Child Victims of Sexual Abuse, System Failure – US/UK Still Wait

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by Thinker

Better late, than “NEVER!!!” For the prime minister of Australia, at least he exceeds the leaders of the U.S. and U.K. for acknowledging failure. There are children crying all over the world and for the majority of nations the heads of state remain quiet, and the guilty continue to assault. How long will it take for the rest of the world and leaders to acknowledge on of the number one problems in the world…child sex abusers/trafficking???

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has given a national apology to victims of child sexual abuse.

Hundreds of people gathered in Canberra on Monday to hear Mr Morrison deliver the emotional address in parliament. It follows a five-year inquiry which found tens of thousands of children had suffered abuse in the nation’s institutions over decades. “Today, we finally acknowledge and confront the lost screams of our children,” he said.

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“We must:

Bee Gee Singer Barry Gibb: ‘It’s important to speak out’ about child abuse

Bee Gee Barry Gibb says his recent revelation about being a victim of attempted molestation as a child “just sort of came out,” but believes it’s important to speak out about it. (June 30)

Social Service is Stealing Children and Abusing Them

In this video, Luke Rudkowski travels to the U.K to learn about a horrible situation with social services taking away children from parents. The parents, in this case, are Bhupeshkumar Navinchandra Patel and they explain in detail what they had to go through.

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Children are being taken from their parents by organizations that say they are there to help, but history is saying they’re doing the opposite. How many stories does one need to hear, to realize that the pedophiles are in charge of protecting the children…but instead they now have easy access to them. Who is watching after the safety of the children of the world…pedophiles??? Why are there 2000 children missing every day in the USA??? The pedophiles in charge protecting the child abuser and abductor???


How many stories do you need to hear, to know the “TRUTH???”…hidlren%5D


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