Early Voting Surges Across North Carolina, With Republicans Seeing Big Increase

After five days of early voting in North Carolina, turnout resembles early voting from the presidential election in 2016 – not a mid-term election.

Even though there is no Senate race on the ballot, both Republicans and Democrats seem eager to cast a vote in a mid-term election that President Trump has said is a “referendum about me.”

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During the presidential election two years ago, 410,000 North Carolinians had voted after four days of early voting — with 13 days of early voting remaining.

This year, nearly 431,000 people have voted after five days of early voting and with 13 days of early voting remaining. That’s according to an analysis by Democracy NC, a non-partisan group whose goal is to increase voter participation.

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The number of registered Republicans who have cast early votes is up by 44 percent compared with the 2014 midterm election, according to Democracy NC.

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