Australia: Cops check shopping bags to make sure your items are “essential”

  • Western Sydney has been focus of a strengthened police presence since Friday 
  • Some locals said police were checking bags at Kmart Casula for essential items 
  • Under lockdown rules residents can only leave their house for essential reasons  

Police were reportedly spotted checking customers’ bags outside a Kmart store in locked-down south-west Sydney to make sure they’re only buying essential items, but cops say this wasn’t the reason for their visit.

A local Facebook page shared a photo of officers standing at the entrance of the department store in Casula on Friday afternoon and urged residents to remain home.

‘Heads up the police are at the entrance checking bags and questioning the reason for essential travel,’ the caption to the post said.

‘If the government doesn’t want the community in Kmart then they need to shut down stores. This is where it confuses the “non-English” community they keep blaming for the numbers.’

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The picture shows two police officers wearing masks stationed next to the store’s security gates.

A worker at the store told Daily Mail Australia police had been there on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning speaking to shoppers and checking bags.


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