Australia Digital ID – Now compulsory

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I tried to post links to the official government websites, but for some reason its auto moderating the post.

My accountants contacted me last week to let me know that any director of a company in Australia now needs to have a Digital ID. If you do not get one by November, you will be fined $13,200 per company or you will face imprisonment.

I contacted MyGovID today to confirm this. You have no choice but to use a smartphone and download the app, there is no web based access available its all app driven. So you now have to download the app and comply with the whole digital ID scheme or you go to jail if you dont pay the fines for it.

They have linked this to Aus Tax Offices, medical records and all other gov services. This is linked to your bank accounts, residential address, car registrations, etc. They reserve the right to share this information with commercial service providers in the terms.

Many Aussies have already been using it as a convenient way to show vaccine status to enjoy access to gyms, bars, restaurants, etc.

One step closer to a full blown surveillance state


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