Australia has record breaking hail storm!

The giant 6.3-inch hailstone set a new continental record in Australia , accompanying an outbreak of devastating spring thunderstorms that hit the Earth. Perilous weather haunted eastern Australia when New South Wales and Queensland were plagued by hail storms. In parts of New South Wales, so much hail fell that it covered the streets like snow and contributed to the roof collapse of the mall. The largest hailstone, more than half a foot in diameter, was recorded in Queensland. A hail over six inches in diameter is known as gigantic. The Australian Bureau of Meteorology has confirmed that a rock falling north of Mackay near Jalborough in Queensland set a new record for the country. The previous first place was occupied by a 5.5-seat stone that fell last year in southeastern Queensland. Gargantuan hailstorms hit Libya. It was almost 7 inches across. Supportive strong moving environment supporting strong thunderstorm updrafts. October is the peak of the severe weather season in eastern Australia, but even by these standards, the last week and a half have been characterized by unusually severe weather, including tornadoes. The flurry of storms was caused by abnormally low temperatures at the upper level. Temperatures at 300 millibars, about six miles above the ground, drop nine or 10 degrees below average. The presence of colder air at higher altitudes has a double effect – it reduces freezing in the atmosphere, facilitates the formation of severe hail, and also increases instability or special instability specifically designed to fuel storms. The instability is proportional to the temperature temperature between the warm surface and the cold air above. The greater this contrast, the faster the air rises and the more hail can grow. Typically 200 to 500 instabilities are required to create a thunderstorm; There were about 3,000 units on Tuesday’s setup in Australia.

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