FITTON:HUGE Breaking: Judicial Watch Officially Requests OIG Investigation of CNN, Buzzfeed Leaks Designed to Destroy President Trump.

by TFittonJW Just filed it today and announced it on our Judicial Watch Weekly Update video here: Acting AG Whittaker also concerned about CNN presence at the Stone raid: Whitaker … Read more

FITTON: BIG Breaking Lawsuit on FBI get-Trump collusion Judicial Watch sues for records on Comey’s FBI Counsel Baker’s comms with Clinton/Fusion GPS gang.

by TFittonJW Judicial Watch juggernaut never stops: “The real collusion scandal of the 2016 election is the effort by the Clinton campaign and the Obama DOJ/FBI to spy on and … Read more

WATCH! #BREAKING: Military coup underway in Gabon Africa

WATCH! #BREAKING: #Military #coup underway in #Gabon Africa Source: #BREAKING: Military coup underway in Gabon, according to broadcast on national radio – More info here… AP has … Read more