Australia Home Prices Falling as Sydney Drops 7%! Australians In Most Debt EVER IN HISTORY!

My friends in Australia and New Zealand, let me know what you’re seeing with real estate prices and the economy.


Australia’s home prices hit record highs and unfortunately for those who bought at the top, they purchased with maximum leverage and are now in the most debt they have ever been in history. Australians, just like their counterparts in Canada, have overextended themselves to the point which there have invariably created a crisis they can’t escape.


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The shocking graph that shows why most young Australians will never own their a home as debt surges | Daily Mail Online

Global cities house-price index – Daily chart

Australia-home-prices-Sydney-2018-08-01.png (474×461)

Australia-home-prices-Melbourne-2018-08-01-1.png (485×410)

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Australian home investors in full retreat as prices fall, Real Estate – THE BUSINESS TIMES

Here’s a bearish chart for anyone looking for a real estate job in Australia | Business Insider

Australia-real-estate-jobs-seek-June-2018.jpg (690×521)

Australian property industry turns to India to supplement falling Chinese investment

Should we follow NZ and ban foreign investors buying Australian homes?


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