Australia is officially the DRUNKEST country in the world

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Quote:A new survey has crowned Australians as the heaviest drinkers in the world, with Aussies getting drunk almost twice as many times during Covid-19 lockdowns in 2020.

Australians were among more than 32,000 participants from 22 countries who took part in the Global Drug Survey.

According to the findings unveiled this week, Australians got drunk an average 27 times in 2020, almost double the global average of 15.

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Denmark and Sweden were the next biggest drinkers, with the average person getting drunk about 23.8 times a year.

Australians filled up their beer or wine glass with booze two days per week on average, the survey revealed.

It also found Australians regret their intoxication on 24 per cent of occasions – compared to the 21 per cent global average, with women more likely to regret getting drunk than men.

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Kiwis were among the second less likely in the world to overindulge, getting drunk, 10.3 times a year on average…world.html


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