Australia moves towards medical totalitarianism – 4 phase plan

Phase A:
Continue to suppress the virus for the
purpose of minimising community

Measures may include:
* Implement the national vaccination plan to offer every
Australian an opportunity to be vaccinated with the
necessary doses of the relevant vaccine as soon as
* Temporarily reduce commercial inbound passenger
arrivals to all major ports by 50% from current caps by 14
July to reduce the pressure on quarantine facilities, due to
the increased risks of the Delta strain of the virus;
* Lock downs to be used only as a last resort;
* Commonwealth to facilitate increased commercial flights
to increase international repatriations to Darwin for
quarantine at the National Resilience Facility at Howard
* Commonwealth to extend additional support through the
International Freight Assistance Mechanism to ensure
maintenance of essential freight supply lines impacted by
the reduction of commercial caps at international airports;
* Trial and pilot the introduction of alternative quarantine
options, including home quarantine for returning
vaccinated travellers;
* Expand commercial trials for limited entry of student and
economic visa holders
* Recognise and adopt the existing digital Medicare
Vaccination Certificate (automatically generated for every
vaccination registered on AIR);
* Establish digital vaccination authentication at international
* Prepare vaccine booster programme; and
* Undertake a further review of the national hotel quarantine

Phase B

Seek to minimise serious illness,
hospitalisation and fatality as a result
of COVID-19

Measures may include:
* Ease restrictions on vaccinated residents – such
as lock downs and border controls;
* Lock downs only in extreme circumstances to
prevent escalating hospitalisation and fatality;
* Restore inbound passengers caps at previous
levels for unvaccinated returning travellers and
larger caps for vaccinated returning travellers;
* Allow capped entry of student and economic visa
holders subject to quarantine arrangements and
* Introduce new reduced quarantine arrangements
for vaccinated residents; and
* Prepare/implement Vaccine booster programme
(depending on timing).

Phase C

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Manage COVID-19 consistent with
public health management of other
infectious disease

Measures may include:
* No lock downs;
* Continue vaccine booster programme;
* Exempt vaccinated residents from all domestic
* Abolish caps on returning vaccinated travellers;
* Allow increased capped entry of student,
economic, and humanitarian visa holders;
* Lift all restrictions on outbound travel for
vaccinated persons; and
* Extend travel bubble for unrestricted travel to new
candidate countries (Singapore, Pacific)

Phase D

Manage COVID-19 consistent with
public health management of other
infectious diseases

Measures may include:
* Allow uncapped inbound arrivals for all vaccinated
persons, without quarantine; and
* Allow uncapped arrivals of non-vaccinated
travellers subject to preflight and on arrival

Needless to say – this is just hogwash … the entire plan relies upon the assumption that vaccines are safe.
Which we now know is not true.


h/t JADR+


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