Australia rapidly collapsing into a large-scale medical PRISON as tyrants threaten to unleash “full force” of armed police against people seeking freedom

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by: Ethan Huff

(Natural News) Tens of thousands of Aussies have taken to the streets in protest of their country’s latest Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) restrictions, and area police are responding like tyrants.

Video footage shows masked enforcers unleashing the “full force” of medical fascism on anti-lockdown protesters, spraying them with mace and battering them with sticks.

The protests started out peacefully until Australian police showed up to blast pepper spray at protesters and erect roadblocks. Some protesters were also arrested for making their voices heard against the repeated imposition of stay-at-home orders.

New South Wales (NSW) deputy police commissioner Mal Lanyon announced in Orwellian fashion that his officers’ response to the protests “is not about stopping free speech,” but about “stopping the spread of the virus.”

State police minister David Elliott went even further by threatening the protesters with “the full force of the NSW police,” the suggestion being that even worse tyranny is soon on the way if Aussies refuse to obey their Fauci Flu orders.

In the central business district of Melbourne, protesters were seen setting off flares on Lonsdale Street while helicopters hovered overhead. Similar scenes were captured in Sydney, where more than 1,500 officers reportedly descended upon the area to quash public outcry.

Sydney police block travel in and out of city to stymie free speech protest

As we reported, tensions rose in Melbourne after officials demanded that everyone wear a mask at all times, even when consuming alcohol outdoors.

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Apparently, the only way to safely consume alcohol outside amid the “delta” variant scare is to pour it through the mask mesh, according to Premier Daniel Andrews, who threatened punishment for anyone caught violating his order.

Such lunacy, along with another round of lockdowns, caused the pot to boil over and thousands to flood the streets in angry protest of their government’s ridiculous behavior in response to the Chinese Virus.

In Sydney, Australia’s capital, police announced that all public transport routes and ride shares to downtown would remain blocked during the planned protest. Trains were forced to skip their major stops and both taxis and rideshare companies were threatened with massive fines if caught taking people to the central business district.

Officers also reportedly held up traffic on major roads to try to stop protesters from getting to their destination, issuing 137 tickets after stopping some 38,000 cars. Free speech, in other words, is no longer permissible in Sydney.

In a statement, the NSW police department warned that allowing people to gather in protest would spread the delta variant, putting public safety at risk. Thus, it is not to be allowed.

“Public safety is our first priority and you will be fined or arrested if you turn up,” the department wrote in a statement on Twitter.

The protest still took place, though, and police were seen chasing and arresting people near Victoria Park. Forty-seven people were reportedly charged with breaching public health orders, resisting arrest and committing other violations.

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More than 260 people were also issued fines ranging from $35 to $2,139, depending on the alleged infraction.

In the end, about 250 people successfully made it to Sydney for the protest, despite police officers doing everything in their power to prevent them from getting there.

“Tyrants always justify their power grabs as being for the greater good and public safety,” wrote one Zero Hedge commenter about one of the most common excuses used to push tyranny.

“‘A matter of internal security.’ The age-old cry of the oppressor!” wrote another, quoting Captain Picard from the Star Trek television series.

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