Australia Real Estate WORST DROP Since 1990! Prices Down 8.2% In Sydney!

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Those people in Australia and New Zealand, let me know what you’re seeing with real estate right now in 2018.

Real estate in Australia has once again fallen further down. This is a definitely trend that has not let up. All throughout 2018 we have seen prices in Sydney in particular come down to a level which has started to worry market analysts who in fact expect this rout to worsen throughout 2019. For homeowners who are barely above water with their massive mortgages, what does this mean for them?


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Cameron Kusher on Twitter: “To October 2018, Sydney dwelling values are -8.2% lower than their peak. Since 1980, the only larger decline recorded in Sydney was a -9.6% fall in values which started just before the last recession. This decline is now longer and deeper than most with little sign of abating.…

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Cameron Kusher on Twitter: “The other question is how long will values take to return to peak levels, Historically it has been pretty quick but has tended to happen on the back of falling interest rates or Government stimulus. Neither is out of the question but both look unlikely at this stage.…

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