Australia warns ‘the drums of war are beating’ as it pledges to upgrade military bases and expand drills with US forces amid growing Chinese tensions

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  • Prime Minister Scott Morrison unveils plans worth half a billion US dollars
  • Australian minister warns ‘the drums of war’ are beating in the Pacific region  
  • War between China and Taiwan should not be discounted, says defence chief

Australia is to upgrade military bases in its far north and expand joint drills with US forces after warnings about the ‘drums of war’ beating in the Pacific region.

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Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced a plan on Wednesday worth more than half a billion US dollars to revamp four military training facilities in the remote north over the next five years.

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It comes as one top government official this week warned that free nations ‘again hear’ the ‘drums of war’ in the region, while newly-installed Defence Minister Peter Dutton openly mused about the prospect of a war between China and Taiwan.


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