Australian Government caught trying to sneak through new Digital Vaccine Pass

by Jezza000

The Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, told Australians last week, that they had until October 21 to get vaccinated.

The PM did not elaborate on what the consequences would be for those who failed to meet that deadline, but a new Bill before Parliament, together with other statements made by the government recently, holds the clue.

The National Cabinet is currently working on its plans for a new “Digital Vaccine Passport” that will be mandatory for anyone wanting to travel overseas. An announcement on the rollout is expected within the next couple of weeks.

The passport will provide proof of vaccination and mean that Australian citizens wishing to travel overseas will be required by law to provide evidence of vaccination or they will not be allowed to board ANY airline.

According to the Government Services Minister, Stuart Robert, there are a number of vaccine apps the Government is considering, including CommonPass, the creepy new app designed by The World Economic Forum.

The aim is for the Digital Pass to, over time, be expanded to include a whole range of activities and places, from sports stadiums, gyms, schools and universities, to theatres and possibly even workplaces.

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Immunity passports promise a way to go back to a more normal social and economic life,”, the Scientific American has said.

Someone may want to let the Commonwealth Health Minister know about that, because according to the Health Department’s website:

“COVID-19 vaccination is not a cure-all or a complete substitute for safe behaviour. It should supplement other public health rules and guidelines. After you are vaccinated, COVID-safe measures remain in place. These include:

  • testing
  • contact tracing
  • quarantine
  • isolation”.

Wait, what? So even if we are vaccinated, nothing changes?

Whatever your views are on the Covid-19 vaccine, any policy or laws that will divide a population between ‘the vaccinated’ and ‘the unvaccinated’ must surely ring alarm bells for anyone who cares about the future of this country.

Divisions like that will swiftly lead to a quasi ‘caste’ system, where one group will become a ‘favoured’ class, enjoying privileges and rights denied to a ‘pariah’ class of ‘untouchables’ who would, by any measure, become the most discriminated against group in Australia’s history.

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Already, there are signs that the media are quietly readying themselves for attack against these new ‘refuseniks’ who, for whatever reason, decide they are not willing to submit and hold firm to that stance.


There is currently a Petition running, but it is due to end in two days, on the 17th of March 2021.

Link to the Petition is here. Please sign and send around! There are currently 12,346 signatures, but if we can manage to make it to 20,000 signatures, the House of Representatives will be forced to debate the new laws on the floor of Parliament and hopefully make them at least have to submit it to a Senate Inquiry first.

To date, it has all be hush hush and the Murdoch Media are as usual in lockstep with the State and haven’t said a word about it in any of their outlets. This means 99 per cent of Australians have no idea this is even happening.

Here is the link again.



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