Australian supermarket director has vulgar message for toilet paper hoarders

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The director of an Australian supermarket is publicly pointing fingers — well, one finger, at least — at a customer who tried hoarding high-demand items amid the coronavirus pandemic.

John-Paul Drake, of Drakes Supermarkets, detailed the incident on the most recent installment of his “Retail Wrap” YouTube series, where he shares consumer-themed news or industry updates.

“If everyone had bought just the things they needed for the immediate short term, we would be fine,” he said in the video, during a segment explaining the need for product limits. “But the reality is, we’ve had so many people hoarding products and buying products that they’re never going to use.”

Drake then claimed the supermarkets had already sold about eight months’ worth of toilet paper in just four weeks, and a year’s supply of flour in only nine days.

But the worst offender, he said, was a gentleman who got his hands on thousands of rolls of toilet paper, only to later try and return it.


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