Australian Woman Left Severely Disabled After First Covid Shot

Seven doctors say a Sydney Woman was left severely disabled from a Covid Vaccine but the government’s compensation scheme has shrugged off the evidence.

Ms Byron’s life took a dramatic turn in May 2021 after rolling up her sleeves during the AstraZeneca rollout.

Her husband has spent the year-and-a-half since caring for his wife full-time after a complication with her first dose of AstraZeneca left her with clinically recognised “severe disabilities”.

“I haven’t been able to hold my wife for 16 months because her hands and skin are so badly damaged through the capillary leak syndrome.”

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Mr Russell said his wife now carries “more than 10kg of fluid on her” because of the lymphedema – from capillary leak syndrome and what is believed to be Guillain-Barre syndrome – which several treating physicians have officially linked to her AZ shot on May 24, 2021.

For the most part, she spends her days bedridden and suffering chronic pain despite being “perfectly healthy” before her inoculation.



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