Austrian Prime Minister Kurz ‘We don’t need Schnitzel regulations’ Edicts From The EU

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Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has savaged the European Union’s “regulatory madness,” and called for the scrapping of 1,000 regulations. The center-right leader’s broadside comes ahead of pivotal EU parliament elections.
“People demand answers from the EU on major issues such as security, external border control or climate change,” Kurz said in a statement sent to Austrian news agency APA on Sunday. “But nobody needs EU regulations on how to make a schnitzel or fries.”

“Instead of demanding more and more money, the EU should stop telling people more and more how to live,” the 32-year-old leader added, before calling for the abolishment of 1,000 unspecified EU regulations.

And Kurz’s fictional “schnitzel regulation” is not too far removed from the truth either. Regulation 2017/2158 sets out to minimize the presence of carcinogenic acrylamide in fried foods. Although its text does not mention the deep-fried Austrian delicacy by name, the measure was slammed by Agriculture Minister Andrä Rupprechter, who accused the EU “fry police” of meddling with citizens’ snack food…egulation/


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