$BA Boeing gets hit with a lawsuit from investors, alleging that boeing “effectively put profitability and growth ahead of airplane safety and honesty”

“Boeing shareholders sue over 737 MAX crashes, disclosures” – www.reuters.com/article/us-ethiopia-airline-boeing-lawsuit/boeing-shareholders-sue-over-737-max-crashes-disclosures-idUSKCN1RL31D

The lawsuit alleges that material information about the safety of 737 max planes was known by Boeing and not disclosed to investors. Is this just another nail in this specific safety coffin? Or is this what it looks like after the coffin is done being covered with earth, six feet under, and all the major airlines are ready to move on to other suppliers for the next couple of years?

Also, since when does some dude with 300 shares file for a lawsuit? Good for him. I’m certain vanguard, Schwab, blackrock, and fidelity own 150 times more shares than the random dude who was trying to buy a dip, and therefore have more say in the matter. However…. I feel his pain, and while I don’t want to see BA fall for this, a part of me does want to see shareholders rights protected, especially the little guy.

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