$BA Boeing gets hit with a lawsuit from investors, alleging that boeing “effectively put profitability and growth ahead of airplane safety and honesty”

“Boeing shareholders sue over 737 MAX crashes, disclosures” – www.reuters.com/article/us-ethiopia-airline-boeing-lawsuit/boeing-shareholders-sue-over-737-max-crashes-disclosures-idUSKCN1RL31D The lawsuit alleges that material information about the safety of 737 max planes was known by Boeing and not disclosed to … Read more

RED ALERT: The Purge has begun; first Bombards Body Language fell before the onslaught of the Orwellian nightmare, now Sargon of Akkad has effectively been banned from the YouTube platform.

The guy isn’t even right wing He often criticized feminists and communists, which according to Google makes him a far-right extremist.   h/t Wah_zo