Kansas city voted unanimously to ban co-living rentals, effectively making roommates illegal in some zoning districts

  • Shawnee, Kansas unanimously banned co-living in some zoning districts, targeting unrelated roommates who split the cost of rent.
  • Across the country, people have turned to roommates to counteract the rising cost of rentals and housing.
  • Rent in the Shawnee area has risen by over 11% since 2019, according to The Washington Post.
  • Rent and evictions are on the rise all over the country.
  • At least 6 cities and states in the US are implementing or expanding rent control.
  • Rent control, or government intervention in the price of rent, is banned in 37 states.

Rent is getting more expensive everywhere.

In most US states and cities, there’s not a whole lot the government can do about it. That’s because rent control is prohibited in 37 states.

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But the surge in housing costs amid the ongoing pandemic has led several jurisdictions to take another look at new laws to clamp down on rent increases, even as landlords fight back — and in some cases taking legal action.



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