BACK TO -60/WASPI APPEAL: a moment of truth for British Justice

by John Ward 

Since 2009, the British State has stolen many things from we, The Silvers: interest on our savings, safe havens from fiat currency, the truth about inflation, our victory in the EU Referendum, and genuine safety from Covid19….to which we are 11 times more vulnerable than those aged 0-45. But the greatest theft of all has been the State Pension at 60 for 1950s born women.

For the Lord thy Government giveth…..and then taketh away again

In June 2019, the Backto60 campaign group – also backed by the Waspi campaign – brought a judicial review case to the Divisional Court, which examined whether 3.9 million women born in the 1950s were appropriately communicated with regarding changes to the state pension age that result in a later retirement.

Finding in favour of the Government (despite a Himalayan mountain range of hard evidence to prove that all three main Westminster Parties conspired variously at different times between 1997 and 2011 to obfuscate awareness and distribution of the changes – and accelerated the process well beyond the 1990s proposals)  Lord Justice Irwin and Mrs Justice Whipple concluded: “There was no direct discrimination on grounds of sex, because this legislation does not treat women less favourably than men in law.”

It was an interesting judgement, in that it managed to ignore decades of unequal treatment, did not interrogate in any way the idea that the 1995 proposals were “to create equality between male and female pensions” hahahahahah, and felt it was just fine to give 1950s born UK women the Civil Right to a State pension….and then remove it without justification.

It is in the last few words of that paragraph – a propos Civil Rights – that, as a pension supplier, the UK State stands accused of a crime. Do not dismiss that description as inflammatory propaganda: had the private sector supplier Standard Life engineered such a scam, all those involved would now be guests of Her Majesty’s Prison Service.

Now, a Court of Appeal hearing will take place during tomorrow and Wednesday the 21st-22nd of July 2020. While there is little cause for optimism, the Backto60/Waspi consortium’s UN representative Davia Lloyd, yesterday confirmed they had collected “damning evidence” ahead of the case as she revealed that those involved have high hopes. “We have UN reports we didn’t have in November 2017. All the evidence we’ve got just multipled. We’ve got more damning evidence than we had the first time. I’m very, very optimistic…but the Government obviously will fight it tooth and nail.”

I wish I shared Ms Lloyd’s faith in the separation of judicial and political power in Britain. Last March, Pensions Minister Guy Opperman told the House of Commons that full restitution “would cost something in the region of £215 billion”….as if we were somehow supposed to feel sympathy for his plight.

He would do well to compare and contrast that sum with the £3trillion of gdp slaughtered on the altar of Covid19 madness.

The Slog has been arguing the case for full restitution since 2012 – including the following seminal posts:

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The question for all Brits of both genders is, however, far bigger than a legal one: it is yet again a matter of trust. On arriving at Downing Street, Boris Johnson airily dismissed the Backto60/Waspi case in a brief and disgraceful letter based on “the advice I have recieved on the matter”.

Since then, Boris the Spider has donned the mantle of One Nation egalitarian opportunities Toryism. But like most of his various guises, it is a falsehood.

If we cannot trust our political élite to keep its promises, work solely for the citizenry, tell us the truth about Brexit and come clean about Contrick19, then all bets are off.

The Westminster/Whitehall shower chose vulnerable women on the verge of retirement as a suitable (as in “easy”) target for its austerity virtue-signalling to the global stock markets.

Yet more judges now have the chance to right that obscene wrong.

We shall see. Either way, every adult of all ages has a duty to email, tweet and blog about this, an injustice that will stand forever as a malodorous stain produced by nothing more than depraved incontinence in government.

For if nothing else, always remember that your turn is not that far down the line as less-than-Great Britain slithers towards a 21st cenury realisation of the Corporate State – which even the Left is too stupid and “inclusive” to stop.

“I’m not Spartacus, but I think that’s him over there” simply will not do in this case.




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