Bad News for Democrat Elites: Two-Thirds of Black and Hispanic Voters Don’t Trust Mail-In Voting

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“As the country’s largest voters’ rights organization, True the Vote is well known for our ability to lead unified national plans to protect election integrity. Since our founding in 2009, we have been on the front lines of election fraud prevention by building action-oriented election integrity movements in key states, counties, and precincts.


Election law experts have long held that the margin of election fraud is 3 – 5%. Nearly 25% of elections are decided by less than 2%. Most campaigns do not have election integrity programs. These statistics do not bode well for free and fair elections. If third-party groups do not engage, there is no doubt strategically important races will be targeted for subversion; ineligible voters will be more likely to vote and invalid votes will more likely be counted.

Radicalized leftist organizations are hard at work exploiting the weaknesses of our electoral process: Actively promoting the registration and mobilization of unqualified voters, harvesting mail-in ballots that have been fraudulently collected, lobbying for same day voter registration, no voter ID requirements, and non-citizen voting – and engaging in outright data manipulation.

Additionally, we face new enemies in the form of social media monoliths like Twitter and Facebook, who have announced intentions to actively push their political agendas, which will lead to the silencing of conservative voices and the suppression of voter engagement.”



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