Financial Treason Continues But It Will Soon Face Endgame
by Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence Expert
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UNITED States of America   –   At this hour the privately owned U.S. Federal Reserve is illegally (even under Dodd-Frank) using the savings and checking accounts, along with U.S. pension funds, of U.S. citizens to co-opt a collateral discount aka non market to market ponzi scheme to allow the European Central Bank (ECB) to use U.S. citizens bank deposits and pension funds as illegal margin as collateral, accordingly, enabling the Fed, the ECB and now the totally corrupt Central Bank of Japan to write even more naked short Japanese yen derivatives and then use these un-collateralized derivatives to buy euro currency as to reduce the exposure and borrowing costs of JPMorgan Chase, which now faces massive debt exposure to the euro currency collateralized debt tied to the nation of Greece.
P.S.  ECB President Mario Draghi has done a total flip flop worthy of W.C. Fields (the noted star, along with Mae West, in the famous 1930s movie “The Bank Dick”).  Draghi, who over a month ago wanted to use an alleged ECB stimulus to reduce the euro currency to parity versus the U.S. dollar, now is supporting a higher valued euro currency so as to ‘Bail-Out’ JPMorgan Chase who, once again, is exposed to massive margin calls to un-collateralized short positions in the Japanese yen and massive derivative debt tied to the massive Greek derivative debt tied to the euro currency at 1.25.
P.P.S.  The back sweep to this latest pyramid ponzi scheme developed by the Fed, the ECB, and the chief prostitute, the Central Bank of Japan, is that the clearing houses in Asia, Europe and the United States aka the lynch pin Terry Duffy’s CME Group, are totally broke with no liquidity and no cash but just cross-collateralized derivatives that are worthless between the aforementioned banks.
Question to Terry Duffy:  When the U.S. stock market declines based on a bad GDP why do U.S. bonds and U.S. ten year notes sell off?
Answer:  More central bank illegal algorithm derivatives electronic market manipulation.
In other words, there are no human beings left in the markets.  This is in violation of the Commodity Exchange Act of 1936, which calls for open outcry when executing a trade.
Today on Bloomberg News CME Group prostitute CEO Terry Duffy declared that electronic algorithm trading was perfectly legal because that is what his customers want.
Who are Duffy’s customers?  Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Citibank USA, and none other than the German NAZI Deutsche Bank.
Reference:  Irish born Orangeman Duffy aka NAZI Duffy and his CME Group have been a major financial supporter of current NAZI Paperclip Jew Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel.  Guess this, folks, NAZI Duffy and his stooge whore house AmeriTrade are major financial contributors to the Bush-Clinton crooked bank AmeriTrade JPMorgan Crime Family Syndicate, which has LOOTED the United States Treasury.
In closing, prostitute Duffy needs to be immediately indicted by the U.S. Department of Justice for his involvement with the National Futures Association (NFA), a self-regulatory agency, and the NAZI German PFG Russell Wasendorf broker dealer, in a massive foreign currency money laundry involving the Mexican Bencomber Bank and the NAZI German Bush-controlled Deutsche Bank in THEFT of U.S. Treasury funds using Duffy’s CME Group as a clearing house.
Who is guilty of the massive obstruction of justice of this massive Bush-Clinton-NAZI German Deutsche Bank ponzi scheme?  None other than the totally corrupt National Futures Association (NFA) and the CFTC.
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3 thoughts on “BAIL-INS: 401K? – GONE; PENSION? – GONE; SAVINGS? – GONE”

  1. yeah, but … when the average productive citizen is age 55 and the average young person is a foreign national here for a handout or a ferguson/baltimore looter/rioter demanding a handout, it’s clear that all these financial shenanigans are just last ditch attempts to keep the “system” going for everyone. if they stopped seizing all this money and stopped gaming the system the effects would be immediate and profound. not to say that that is in fact what needs to be done, but really, are you ready?

  2. It is so clear what is going on that anyone who still has his money in a bank or is invested in paper assets deserves to get ripped off.


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