BALTIMORE 33 murders in 30 days — First, let me apologize for being insensitive, offensive, and racist — even though I’m none of those things. Correction. The following may be insensitive and offensive. But it’s not racist. There have been 33 murders in Baltimore in 30 days. Simple math? Obviously. More than one per day. Black communities have always been notoriously violent. However, violent crime surged in black-dominated regions after police embarked on a recent stand-down policy. 64 percent of Baltimore’s population is black. Reality may be insensitive and offensive. It remains reality. From ▼ Taeshawn, who declined to give his last name, told WJZ Investigator Mike Hellgren he’s skeptical whether that will stop the bloodshed. “There is no hope,” he said. He spoke about the cycle of violence that never seems to end. From whence cometh the violence? The region was once sparsely occupied by Algonquian tribes. When European tribes arrived they developed the area into a technological wonderland. The wealth created by Europeans attracted non-Europeans who could not create their own wealth. Europeans, in turn, are being displaced by Bantu (black) Africans. The area is regressing to reflect its collective African genome. It has morphed from Indian culture, to European culture, to sub-Saharan African culture. As of 2010, there were 28,834 immigrants from Sub-Saharan Africa in Baltimore. Maryland is home of Bantu communities including Kenyans, Liberians, Nigerians, and a handful of Sudanese. Most are decedents of Africans in America. As people flee the violence and crime of sub-Saharan Africa they also flee the sub-Saharan African communities in America such as Baltimore. It is a tragic and pathetic pattern of a people group attempting to get away from itself. It’s akin to a dog chasing its tail in reverse. In 2010 there were 16,800 vacant homes in Baltimore. After eight years and millions of dollars, Baltimore now has 16,500 vacant homes. [source]


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