Banana Republic: The Deep State Admits FBI Spied on Trump Campaign

by Chris Black

Earlier this week, in what President Trump now calls a scandal possibly bigger than Watergate, WSJ columnist/investigator Kimberly Strassel took Twitter by storm as she wrote:

“1. So a few important points on that new NYT “Hurricane Crossfire” piece. A story that, BTW, all of us following this knew had to be coming. This is DOJ/FBI leakers’ attempt to get in front of the facts Nunes is forcing out, to make it not sound so bad. Don’t buy it. It’s bad.

  1. Biggest takeaway: Govt “sources” admit that, indeed, the Obama DOJ and FBI spied on the Trump campaign. Spied. (Tho NYT kindly calls spy an “informant.”) NYT slips in confirmation far down in story, and makes it out like it isn’t a big deal. It is a very big deal.
  2. In self-serving desire to get a sympathetic story about its actions, DOJ/FBI leakers are willing to provide yet more details about that “top secret” source (namely, that spying was aimed at Page/Papadopoulos)–making all more likely/certain source will be outed. That’s on them
  3. DOJ/FBI (and its leakers) have shredded what little credibility they have in claiming they cannot comply with subpoena. They are willing to provide details to friendly media, but not Congress? Willing to risk very source they claim to need to protect?
  4. Back in Dec., NYT assured us it was the Papadopoulos-Downer convo that inspired FBI to launch official counterintelligence operation on July 31, 2016. Which was convenient, since it diminished the role of the dossier. However . . .
  5. Now NYT tells us FBI didn’t debrief downer until August 2nd. And Nunes says no “official intelligence” from allies was delivered to FBI about that convo prior to July 31. So how did FBI get Downer details? (Political actors?) And what really did inspire the CI investigation?
  6. As for whether to believe line that FBI operated soberly/carefully/judiciously in 2016, a main source for this judgment is, um . . .uh . . . Sally Yates. Who was in middle of it all. A bit like asking Putin to reassure that Russia didn’t meddle in our election.
  7. On that, if u r wondering who narrated this story, note paragraphs that assure everybody that hardly anybody in DOJ knew about probe. Oh, and Comey also was given few details. Nobody knew nothin’! (Cuz when u require whole story saying u behaved, it means u know you didn’t.)”

Here’s Trump’s tweet:

Former CIA Director James Clapper said last night on CNN that even if the FBI spied on Trump campaign, that was actually a good thing.

How can you be a former member of the intel community and claim spying on a presidential campaign is a ‘good thing’?


So the story today is that there was a plant and he was there to entrap Papadopolous.  The entire Russia-so called “investigation” is a fraud. Comey, Mueller and Rosenstein are in this up to their necks. What bunch of lies we have been fed…

However, don’t make the mistake of thinking this is a Democrat thing. This is a GLOBALIST thing. Oligarchs own BOTH parties. RINOs and Dems work together. Who peddled the “dossier” first? John McCain. The reason they want to depose President Trumo is because he is a nationalist. Oligarchs want their NWO/one world government/North American Union . MAGA is anathema to oligarchs. That is why their stooges in BOTH parties are staging this coup.

Our biggest problem is not the Dems, it’s the false friends who are knifing us in the back, whose loyalty is to their own advancement/getting richer and not to our country. Oligarchs make sure their stooges are installed in top spots in FBI/CIA/DOJ etc. McConnell, Ryan, McCain, Graham, Rubio, Corker, Gowdy etc. are all globalist stooges.  Globalist oligarchs (like Soros, who’s actually a front-man for the Rothschild family) who own BOTH parties make sure their stooges are installed in top spots in the “globalist network”. It pays big to sell out your country and there are many willing to do it.

Oligarchs have had a lock on the White House for years. The choice for the American voter is usually between globalist A and globalist B.  In America, candidates are not elected, but selected. This time we had a candidate who was standing for national sovereignty. Again, MAGA is anathema to globalists and their stooges. The coup started even before DJT was elected. It goes without saying the FBI leadership is totally corrupt.

If the FBI was using an informant to spy on someone in the Trump campaign, it would be useful to know what the underlying reason was.  In fact, until we know the reason, it’s hard to judge the appropriateness of the action.  That’s why Trump must declassify everything.

Not just the conspiracy of Obama-Clinton Dems/Never-Trump RINOs to weaponize the FBI/DOJ to fix an election & take down a president.

Not just the deep state/Left’s current obstruction;Trump must declassify EVERYTHING:

  • Obama-Clinton Benghazi capital crimes.
    • Obama-Lois Lerner-IRS abuse of power.
    • Obama-Holder ‘Fast & Furious’ capital crimes.
    • Clinton corruption.
    • Obama crimes and betrayals.

    The fate of this country is now in the hands of our KGB, not Putin’s. We cannot let it stand.
    We must reject DC tokenism, window dressing for the emergent police state.
    This scandal is about existential threats & crimes against the state; about coverups & equal justice for all; about prosecutions & forfeiture of ill-gotten gains, & very long jail terms.

    Obama & both Clintons & their cabals threaten America’s very core. They must pay for their crimes if the republic is to survive. We the People must make it happen.

Transparency is the only way forward.  Give the American people the truth. All aspects of the DOJ have been fully weaponized against American citizens. All they do is protect Public servants and prosecute everyone else. The duality of this thing we call Justice has been on parade since July 5, 2016. The need to hide their true nature no longer applies. Legal Eagles have excised the three words that caused the most discomfort… Truth, Justice and HONOR. The Swamp can only drain when We the People begin to see a flood of indictments for violations to their Oath of Office.

Only two things will ever help get to a resolution.  First would be Sessions or Rosenstein putting lawful restraints on Mueller and a deadline  That will never happen since Sessions is spineless and Rosenstein is corrupt.  That leaves Trump.  Until he orders his subordinates to provide everything Congress has asked for and fires anyone who doesn’t, the only thing that will happen is taller growing weeds.


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