Bank Collapse In China! $40 Trillion Dollar Debt Heading To Economic Collapse & China’s Yuan CRASH

First, it was Baoshang Bank , then it was Bank of Jinzhou, Now it is Heng Feng Bank. This is the third bank failure in China in only three months! And they’re getting bigger in size! Kyle Bass is saying that the Chinese banking regulators have at least 500 banks flagged for potential collapse.

People’s Bank Of China: Hundreds Of Country’s Banks At Risk

People’s Bank Of China, said that about 13 percent of the country’s financial institutions were considered “high risk,”…

China Central Bank Warns High Financial Risks

China needs to resolve outstanding financial risks, and must counter risks from “abnormal” market fluctuations that stem from external shocks…

China Braces For December D-Day: The “Unprecedented” Default Of A Massive State-Owned Enterprise

On December 9, bondholders of China’s state-owned Tewoo will have to decide if they will accept a “distressed exchange offer”, triggering the biggest SOE default in China since 1998.

Rickards on China

Go to about 47:00 to 1:01:00.

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