Bank Contagion? First SVB Crashes, Now First Republic Bank (Down -28% At Open)

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by confoundedinterest17

Ah, memories! I still remember the 2000s housing bubble and subsequent financial crisis and bank bailout from 2008/2009 like it was yesterday. And I remember Representative Barney Frank (D-MA) claiming that the Dodd-Frank legislation would end bank bailouts. I laughed out loud when I heard Mr. Frank utter those preposterous words.

Now here we are again with yet another bank contagion. First it was Silicon Valley Bank, now it is First Republic Bank (down -28% at opening).

And there is a trading halt on First Republic. But YoY growth on FRC’s earnings of -34.7% is horrendous.

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At least cryptobank Silvergate isn’t down as much as Silicon Valley Bank and First Republic Bank.

And the SPDR Regional Bank index is getting clobbered as Fed withdraws stimulus.


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