Bank of America: All Systems Down

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by adralla

BofA had an absolutely MASSIVE outage of all their systems two days ago (Oct 29). Many people, myself included, could not log into their accounts, could not use their debit/credit cards, could NOT withdraw money from ATMs, and the customer service line was dead (as in, there was no response when you called, not even a “Please hold while he find a representative”). This happened approx. at 10:30pm and lasted the entire night.

This was a nation-wide (although customers who were abroad also had this issue) outage that has received almost no mainstream coverage. Bank of America had not even issued a formal statement, or addressed this AT ALL. Something about this seems deeply wrong. I am now in the process of moving to another bank.

The one article I found was from Forbes ( but even they got some things wrong in the article – the shortage/outage was for WAY MORE than 1 hour.

Like I said, there has been no formal statement from BofA. So what is going on here?

  1. “Best case” scenario: BofA was doing systems maintenance of ALL systems (online, ATM, customer service, card) simultaneously and somehow they didn’t think it was important to inform customers of such a massive scheduled outage. Even after getting tons of tweets, BofA still hasn’t issued a formal statement about this (to my knowledge, and I have looked).
  2. They got hacked and they are now trying to assess the damage before informing the public.
  3. BofA is having liquidity issues. Get ready, if so.

Whatever is going on, I am really surprised that this didn’t get more coverage. Something about this just really rubs me the wrong way.

Hey guys, here is a non-broken link to the article:


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