Bank of England raises interest rates to 1.25% and now warns inflation will hit 11% in an even gloomier economic warning…

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by Boo_Randy

The sheeple of the US, UK, EU, NZ, and Australia are going to pay a terrible price for electing globalist stooges who gave the Keynesian fraudsters at the central banks full rein to debase the currency and run up national debts to criminal proportions while rigging the game to further enrich the already super-wealthy.

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The Bank of England hiked interest rates for the fifth month in a row to 1.25 per cent today – but stopped short of an even bigger rise over fears the economy is plunging into the red.

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The Monetary Policy Committee pushed up the base rate by 0.25 percentage points to another 13-year high as it scrambles to rein in rampant inflation, which it now expects to reach an eye-watering 11 per cent.


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