Banks WARN Stock Market Could CRASH! – Get OUT Of Stocks NOW!

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the recent advice provided by Michael Wilson, the Chief Equity Strategist at Morgan Stanley.
According to Wilson, people need to get out of stocks now! Their reasoning is that they struggle to see the upside in hanging around just to “see what happens” while the sentiment looks terrible.
At the same time as Morgan Stanley puts out this warning, JP Morgan claims that it could go either way, but that we’re approaching critical levels which will decide the future of the stock market.
It appears many are at the last second telling people it doesn’t look good to cover their own careers. This bubble has been getting propped up for a long time now. Very little fundamental value in the stock market, but an abundance of investor speculation which we all know can lead to serious bubble bursts.
If you team this with the bankrupt banking system, the bubbled housing markets, derivatives, pensions, student loans, auto industry, it’s pretty clear that we’re reaching the edge of a cliff. People have to make choices soon. Do they protect themselves and quit speculating? Or will they take a vast amount of risk unto themselves hoping the Federal Reserve continues propping up a completely bubbled up market.
Most of the top advisers over the past few years were bullish all the way to the bottom (or the beginning of the bottom at least) including people like Larry Fink of BlackRock who we reported on over a year ago as he told people to buy right before the dip. Now he’s distracting people with new progressive policies and pretending he didn’t try to get millions of people to throw their money to the wind. Or perhaps he literally just doesn’t know what he’s doing or talking about at all.
The lesson is that we all need to be self sustainable and financially responsible. Don’t be dependent, be independent and decentralize everything. Diversify. Protect your purchasing power. Historically we’ve seen gold and silver prevail long term in these crises. Now, on top of that we have cryptocurrency that’s properly decentralized with fundamental value. It’s only the beginning folks!

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