In this special Economic Insight episode, Dark Journalist welcomes Best-Selling Author, Financial Expert and Former Managing Director at Goldman Sachs Nomi Prins. Nomi’s classic book series on the secret machinations of the financial world and how the banking elite are taking the world to the brink of economic ruin includes her latest book,”All The President’s Bankers.”
Together, Nomi and Dark Journalist will chart the pernicious influence of greedy, covert money power that is manipulating the global economy and engineering a stealth transfer of power and wealth on a scale never seen before in the history of the financial world! She also reveals the tightly knit web of wealthy families and political insiders that helped to engineer the economic bailouts that made the reckless big investment banks, like JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs, even bigger and rewarded them for their unethical and destructive behavior.
With her in-depth knowledge and experience in the Wall Street world, Nomi outlines the hidden processes that allow the toxic assets that the banks developed through bizarre credit derivative packages to continuously be bought by the Federal Reserve. As they reward their friends and devalue the dollar and wages of the average investor with absurd zero interest rate and the one-percent-friendly quantitative easing ‘QE’ policies, the wealthy insiders are harvesting the assets of the public society.
Nomi also examines the risks for the papered over, debt-ridden economy and how in some ways we are more vulnerable to an economic tsunami than we were in the crash of 2008. The ramifications for ignoring this powerful trend of economic fragility are far too disturbing to contemplate as the new stock market bubble is being pumped up by the same forces that caused the recent financial crisis in the first place.
Revealing, unnerving, informative, insightful, outspoken and spellbinding, you’ve never seen Nomi lay out the facts of the financial reality we face as you will in this rare, in-depth, deep interview with Dark Journalist!

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  1. Hard to put faith in someone who advertises she worked for the largest most criminal banking syndicate in U.S. History, and is going to tell the world all their dirty little secrets. When, if she had any information worth a spit nickle that would jeopardize or bring attention to their RICO Operations, they’d have her disappeared before lunch time.
    Everyone seems to have information yet, no one ever gets arrested, no one ever goes to court, and no one ever goes to jail. So, what information do any of these so-called insiders have that will do anything but sell more headlines in the alternative news? Whatever deep dirty little secrets they think they have, it matters not because nothing ever happens to bankers or politicians.
    Rumsfeld and Cheney stole $2.3 TRILLION dollars of Defense Money, murdered 3,000 Americans and they were asked a few questions, and never spoken to again.
    Blah, Blah, Blah……

  2. All money is phony. I’m still amazed I can buy things with it. And I’m even more amazed at how they want to make it even more phony.


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