BANNON: The New York Times Can’t Stop This, CNN Can’t Stop This…

Former New York City Mayor and President Trump Attorney Rudy Giuliani joined Steve Bannon and The War Room on Wednesday morning. Steve Bannon told The War Room audience the liberal hacks in the mainstream media cannot stop what is happening.

Rudy Giuliani: “They defrauded to the extent they needed to do. Somebody asked me, “When are they going to stop the counting in Pennsylvania?” I said, “When Biden wins.” That’s when they’ll stop the count. They’re going to produce enough ballots until Biden wins. I knew what was going on when it was going on. I had a feeling the night they called off the count that that’s what they were doing. Look, I know crooks. I spent my life looking at how crooks act. And I knew they were going to do something on the day of the election…

Steve Bannon: Everybody take a deep breath. Put your shoulder to the wheel like the patriots in Arizona. And we got this. Because Rachel Maddow can’t stop this. The New York Times can’t stop this. CNN can’t stop this. Inexorably, when patriots put their shoulder to the wheel, good things happen.

Roger Stone Speaks on 2020 Election Being Over Turned…

Interesting update.

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Roger Stone released a video speaking out on his thoughts on the 2020 election being overturned.

According to Stone, he is not sure if his friend Mike Lindell is right about the 2020 election being overturned but says that Mike Lindell has access to far more information than he does.

Stone followed it up by saying “he hopes to God Mike Lindell is right”.


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