Steve Bannon Spied On By NSA/FBI

Out­side of this inter­view we can con­firm that Stephen Ban­non was spied by an Ille­gal FISA war­rant from 2016 through Dec 2019. This coin­cides with the bogus charges brought on

Bannon Unleashes Hell On Fauci

Former Trump Chief Strategist Steve Bannon UNLOADED on megalomaniac Dr. Tony Fauci Monday on The War Room. Steve Bannon ripped into Fauci for his pathological lying and murderous policies. Steve Bannon: Fauci,

Kyle Bass Interviews Steve Bannon

Via The Daily Coin China’s Tributary State Stephen K. Bannon, former White House Chief Strategist, sits down with hedge fund giant Kyle Bass to discuss America’s current geopolitical landscape regarding