Bayer-Monsanto Bleeding Out…44% Drop! Mainstream Media Silent

by axolotl_peyotl

The crimes of Big Pharma are certainly at the heart of the rot in society that has been festering for more than a century.

Bayer and Monsanto represent this extreme corruption in a dramatic and visceral way, as they have been at the center of many of the greatest medical debacles of the 20th/21st centuries.

With Monsanto’s brand finally taking its last irreparable hit, the hope was that by being absorbed into Bayer they could do some damage control with respect to the negative PR they rightfully received.

Instead, it appears that there’s only so much criminality and genocide that these companies can perpetrate before the market finally reacts.

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Note to Reader: Corporate Media Has Avoided Reporting the Truth on This Topic Because the Biotech Industry Pays them BILLIONS for Ads Annually. So Please Share This Good News So Humanity Can Celebrate!

Biotech giants Monsanto and Bayer are infamous for their destructive practices. So it’s probably shocking to hear their recent 62.5 billion dollar merger is turning out to be some of the best news of the year for those of us who care about human health and that of the environment.

Ahead of the merger, and even now, most wholistic health advocates and supporters of the Millions Against Monsanto movement wrongly assume this news is disaster. How could the merging of two of the industries “big 6” lead to anything less than a more resilient opponent in the long term? And how could any sane or non-corrupt DOJ official approve this kind of merger in the first place? Just think about it for a moment:

Pesticides + GMOs + Medicines = No Bueno, Right?

Surprisingly there’s a huge light at the end of the tunnel here.

Leading up to their monstrous union on June 7, 2018, analysts predicted huge profits from the further monopolization of the pesticide industry on the backs of rising prices for farmers and consumers.

Instead, the stock went up briefly to $31.67 per share on June 16, and ever since has been trading at a steady decline and currently rests just shy of halfit’s price 6 months ago at $17.81.

Now Bayer is rapidly cutting jobs and selling off smaller brands in an effort to stay viable amidst the stunning losses.

So what happened to cause such a drastic decline, and why is this such amazing news for those who oppose the egregious practices of big biotech?


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