BBC forced to pay damages for ‘fake news’

by Playaguy

There is a general idea that the BBC is one of the most credible news organizations. If the report on building 7 falling 20 minutes before it did wasn’t enough, this proves they lie when it suits them. Just like all the rest of the mainstream.


via BBC:

The BBC has apologised and agreed to pay damages to Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko.
The apology relates to an incorrect report claiming a payment was made to extend a meeting between Mr Poroshenko and US President Donald Trump.
An article, published last May but since removed from the BBC website, alleged $400,000 was paid to Mr Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen.

The allegation, relating to a meeting in June 2017, was untrue.
The BBC also featured the report in a News at Ten television bulletin in the UK.