BBC News tries to generate outrage over the pig heart to human transplant

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by Dark-All-Day

Overall, the “discussion” around this has been poor, and if I were to write a post on it, I’d be spending all weekend.

So we get to BBC’s latest article on it: Man who had pig heart transplant was guilty of 1988 stabbing

In 1988, Bennett (the guy who received the heart) stabbed a guy after his wife sat on that guy’s lap. Note, the victim did not die. Bennett was found guilty and spent 10 years in jail. The article even states this. Yet the title is clearly made to drum up outrage over a “bad person” receiving this medical treatment.

“My second daughter sent me an instant message and said: ‘Mum, this is the man who stabbed uncle Ed.’ I then read the story and got angry because he had received the heart,” she said.

That’s great, lady. Why do care what you have to say about someone receiving medical treatment? Everyone has a right to receive medical treatment, even people who are bad and who’ve done bad things.

“They’re putting Bennett in the storylines, portraying him as a hero and a pioneer but he’s nothing of that sort,” she said.

Except that’s not what’s happening. The doctors are being portrayed as pioneers. Because they are. Bennett is being portrayed as a man who is ill who is in desperate need of an out of the box medical treatment.

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This is such a non story. It only exists to get people outraged because we live in a country where people only believe “good” people deserve to be alive.


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