BBC Newsnight interview – supporting material on Ben Nimmo, Atlantic Council, False Flags & Staged Events, I asked Gabriel Gatehouse to read

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Gabriel’s description of the piece he is producing to be aired on BBC’s Newsnight April 24tht:-

“I’m doing a piece for Newsnight about information wars. I’ve interviewed quite a range of people, including Tara McCormack of the Syria Working Group in the UK, and Ben Nimmo of the Atlantic Council. They provide very differing perspectives about what happened in Syria and Salisbury respectively. Your name came up in my discussions with Ben Nimmo. He said he thought you might be working for a Russian troll factory. It seems you took the opportunity to set the record straight on sky news. I’d be keen to hear your perspective.”

The material I asked Gabriel to read after our interview had finished – sent to him on DM’s:-

Short summary of the Atlantic Council’s funding and background on DFRlab

Excellent article about my “relationship” with the Atlantic Council / DFR lab’s Ben Nimmo & his personal Vendetta against me. His personal attacks against me have been running for some months:-

Oh Those Embarrassing Moments: Atlantic Council’s Ben Nimmo Outs ‘Russian Bot’ That Turns Out To Simply Be A UK Citizen Tired Of UK Government Warmongering


Debunking the Douma False Flag / Staged Event by Jaish-al-Islam and White Helmet terrorists:-

Contrary to Neocon War Propaganda there is ZERO evidence of Assad ever using chemical weapons on his own people. The #FalseFlag’s carried out by al-Qaeda linked terrorists in Ghouta August 2013, Khan Sheikhoun April 2017 and Douma April 2018

I neglected to give Gabriel, Robert Fisk’s excellent on the ground report from Douma:-

Legendary Middle East War Reporter Robert Fisk Reaches Syrian ‘Chemical Attack’ Site, Concludes “They Were Not Gassed”

Khan Sheikhoun April 2017 
The Khan Sheikhoun alleged “gas attack” staged by al-Nusra and White Helmets terrorists in Idlib April 2017:-

US Intel 100% know that Assad did NOT use chemical weapons in Idlib, so what’s Trump’s Game?

Some of the alleged “victims” of the alleged chemical attack in April 2017 were admitted to hospital in Turkey, BEFORE the attack took place. This is not suspicious at all (sic).

Gabriel then said the UN Report on Khan Sheikhoun had claimed “Assad did it”- but this report was a pure farce:-

I said:-
Nope the UN’s report on Khan Sheikhoun was a complete joke. See former UN senior weapons inspector Scott Ritter’s (of Iraq fame 2002/2003) write up on the UN report. There is NO chain of custody for the samples supplied to the UN by the al-Nusra terrorists in Idlib, or from Erdogan’s Turkey from the alleged victims in Turkish hospitals.

If there’s no Chain of Custody, there’s no evidence. All we have is the word of the al-Nusra (al-Qaeda terrorists) who controlled Idlib and the town where the alleged chemical weapons attack took place.

Why the hell should anyone take the word of a terrorist who had every reason to stage a False Flag “chemical weapons attack”? The US & UK governments & media unquestioningly took the word of the terrorists. This is NOT Journalism. This is PROPAGANDA – regime change propaganda for the benefit of the terrorists who Assad is fighting.

You remember al-Qaeda right? They are the guys the US & UK governments accused of hijacking 4 planes and flying 2 of them into the World Trade Center on 9/11 murdering 3,000 Americans.
These are the guys the US & UK are SUPPOSED to be fighting (but are actually supporting in Syria).

The terrorists with the same al-Qaeda ideology also carried out the Bali bombing murdering about 200 Australian holiday makers and murdered 52 people in the terrorist attacks in London on 7/7 2005.

Khan Sheikhoun is a CLASSIC example of the mainstream media, including the BBC, NOT doing Journalism. Its very, very basic when examining the evidence of a potential chemical weapons attack to ensure the Chain of Custody of the samples – so why didn’t the media stand up and say we don’t have any Chain of Custody because no responsible independent party (like an OPCW investigations team) could visit the site of the alleged attack because it was infested with terrorists and it wasn’t safe for anyone to go there who wasn’t an ally of the terrorists?

I gave Gabriel some pictures comparing the Tokyo 1995 Subway attack using real sarin with First Responders wearing full Hazmat suits, versus the fake “sarin” staged event in Syria April 2017, where the White Helmets didn’t even bother wearing gloves

Skripal poisoning

The best evidence from a a month ago – read the comment and the article debunking each one of the UK government claims:-


Craig Murray’s article on “Russian to Judgement”

The following about the Skripal’s was not included in my DM’s to Gabriel.

UK government now seem to be changing their story, saying the poison was delivered “in a liquid form” – so not via a gel smeared on Skripal’s front door handle, by a Russian wearing a full Hazmat suit at 4 O’Clock Sunday morning, unseen by anyone, then?

There is also considerable doubt as to what poisoned the Skripals.
“Military grade” Novichok will kill someone within 2 or 3 minutes if inhaled or within 20 minutes maximum, if absorbed by the skin.
So if the poison was on Skripal’s front door handle why did it take between 3 or 7 hours – from leaving Sergei Skripal’s house to having an effect,with them collapsing on the park bench around 4pm?
The government’s official narrative is so full of holes – its like a slice of gorgonzola.

The leaked Swiss OPCW lab’s report says the Skripal’s samples given to them by the UK government contain BZ toxin – which is slow acting and is a far less lethal toxin than nerve agents. I am awaiting more clarification on this evolving story.

N.B. we have no hard evidence that the Skripal’s were actually poisoned. Yulia Skripal has not been allowed to do an interview to camera and there are no pictures of the Skripal’s in hospital. Why????
There are also no pictures of the Skripal’s collapsed on the park bench and being attended to by members of the public (as the UK government’s official narrative claims happened). Why not? Almost every unusual event in a public space is recorded by someone on their phone camera – its so easy to take pictures (or short videos) these days.

Yulia Skripal seems to be being held hostage and incommunicado at an unknown location by the UK government. Surely she would want to speak with her boyfriend / fiancee in Russia, or her cousin Viktoria after the most terrifying event of her entire life?

Background to the escalating conflict with Russia from 2013 and the ongoing “Russiagate Hoax” started by the Hillary campaign in 2016 and still on-going in fits and starts (with absolutely zero credible evidence to back up the ridiculous claims).

Russiagate Background and History

Your Comprehensive Guide To, And History Of, The Russiagate Hoax


You (meaning Gabriel) refused to answer my questions on MH17, which were:-

Who benefited from the shooting down of MH17?

There are only 2 realistic suspects, the separatists in Donbass (possibly with Russian gov help)
the Regime in Kiev (or their Neo Nazi militia allies, or Oligarchs) installed by Obama and Neocon Victoria Nuland in an illegal Coup D’Etat using Neo Nazi thugs and snipers to murder both protestors and police.

The Co- Founder of the Svoboda Nazis Andrei Parubiy was in charge of the buildings controlled by the protestors and used by the snipers to murder both protestors and Police in February 2014.
Andrei Parubiy is now the speaker of Ukraine’s Parliament (or Rada).
Go do a google search using “Parubiy Svoboda”

Full Timeline of Obama and Neocon Nuland’s Coup in Ukraine from March 2013 to Feb 2014

So who gained from shooting down MH17?

Was it Putin?
Nope as guaranteed by the mainstream media which contains ZERO journalists, the media, Obama & Cameron immediately blamed Putin and the ethnically Russian sepeaatists in Donbass, based on nothing but hot ait and ZERO evidence. The SAME day or day after MH17 was brought down.

Russia was subjected to sanctions based on ZERO evidence and no motive, plus other undeserved penalties

Did the pro Russian separatists in Donbass from shooting down MH17?
Nope pretty much the same reasons as Putin.

Did the Regime in Kiev benefit from the shooting down of MH17?
Boy they SURE did. Russia got sanctioned, they got the support of Western media for IMF loans and they were hoping for massive amounts of US weapons and military logisitical support.
Obama refused to give them most of the weapons they wanted. The US gave Kiev a couple of dozen of clapped out Humvee’s and the UK government gave them around 20 cast off Stryker armoured cars.
Kiev continued to get CIA surveillance satellite pictures and AWACS surveillance to monitor the movement of the separatist forces.
They also got the US to start training the Ukraine army, which also included the Neo Nazi militias like the Azov brigade. Training started on Hitler’s birthday April 20th 2015 – how appropriate!

Where is the evidence for a BUK missile being fired to shoot down MH17?
We have no CIA / Pentagon infra red satellite pictures which would have pin pointed the site of any Buk missile launch to within 10 metres or less. Nope no pics.

See also  Youtube just demonetized an objective and fact-based interview between three human beings with 1st amendment rights over a scientifically-conducted public opinion poll.

Where are the dozens of pictures and videos from ordinary people within 10 to 15 miles of the supposed BUK launch site. A BUK missile trail is visible for 10 to 20 minutes after the launch (depending on the wind velocity, there was very little wind on that day).

There are around 100,000 people living within around 10 miles of the alleged BUK missile launch site. (edit the true figure is nearer 250,000).
We would expect at least 10,000 of those people to have seen this massive rocket trail (its unmissable) and maybe 1,000 people or so, to take some pictures of it. But there are NO pictures. The only alleged pic to be taken is a discredited forged pic by a couple of Kiev regime supporters, which Bellingcat used in their Fake laughable “analysis” of MH17.

There are videos of luggage and other debris raining down to the ground near the MH17 crash site though.

The CIA know EXACTLY how MH17 was shot down and they will have a very good idea of who by. But they’re not telling anyone and they’re not providing any hard evidence (like infra red satellite pics).

The body of the Dutch Safety Board (DSB) and Joint Investigation Team (JIT) reports on MH17 is inconsistent with a thin skinned civilian airliner being shot down with a 96kg BUK missile warhead filled with 7,000 pieces of shrapnel from near head on, exploding 1 to 2 metres away from the cockpit. The damage is too light. There’s too little shrapnel in the cockpit, plane or bodies. The Australian coroner’s report says NO BUK missile shrapnel was found in any of the 50 to 100 Australian victims. Huh???

All this is just very basic journalism, basic Critical Thinking, and very basic research. But NOBODY in the Western media is interested in doing any Journalism or doing any basic research. They are ONLY interested in pushing propaganda on behalf of the Warmongers.

In fact nobody in the media is interesting in asking any questions at all. That’s why the US & UK government’s can get away with massive crimes and massive lies at will. There is no “Free Press” in the US & UK mainstream media – there is only a propaganda factory. Exactly like Stalin ran in the USSR or Goebbels ran in the 1930’s.

My apologies for rabbiting on. But it really is about time that someone from the BBC started reporting something approximating to the truth using basic journalism, Critical Thinking and basic research instead of a shed load of lies by acting as stenographers for a corrupt War Criminal government – see Iraq, Libya, Syria, genocide in Yemen etc.

Gabriel: “Thanks for sending your thoughts Ian. I’m not ignoring you. Just got to crack on writing this story.”

Me “Yes I understand. When you have a spare hour please read my links and DM’s. Perhaps you could do it tonight after you get home and had something to eat?

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