Be careful with using the “pay fees from my tax return” feature in TurboTax!

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by jbOOgi3


Was doing my taxes with TurboTax yesterday. Got to the payment screen. I was aware I would have to spend $39 for the deluxe version of the software based on my return. They asked if I wanted to pull the fee from my returns. I figured, sure, why not? So I selected that option. Got to a screen where you have to sign a few disclaimers that looked to be mentioning a $39 charge, which I assumed to be the fee for the software, but I didn’t like the feeling I had about it. I decided to go back and pay for the fees with my credit card instead. Upon returning to the payment start screen, it showed an ADDITIONAL $39 charge for processing the fee from my taxes, separate from the $39 charge for the software. I switched to the pay fee with card option, and the additional $39 went away.

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So, it seems TurboTax is trying to sneakily tack on an additional $39 charge for anyone who elects to pay the fee through their tax refund. Just want to make sure everyone is aware of this.

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FYI: If your AGI (adjusted gross income) is less than $66,000, it may be worth it to use rather than TurboTax. MFT is the H&R Block Premium Tax Package, but it is completely free to use (federal + up to 3 state filings).


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