Be Prepared! Stockpile and Get Ready For Historic Food Shortages As Prices Reach Incredible Levels

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by Financial Argument via Financial Argument

I’m sure you’re all feeling the rising food prices, but as the experts have warned, we can expect this to continue for at least another year or year and a half. But who can guarantee that it’s won’t get worse, maybe much worse by this time next year? If food prices are like this now, isn’t it obvious they’ll only get worse in this dark economic climate? I’m having a difficult time seeing the silver lining in all this. The indifference of those who are running this country makes me wonder and worry if this is manufactured and there’s a greater plan behind it.

The data makes it clear that the rising food prices are occurring all over the world, not just in the USA, inevitably triggering a global food crisis I can’t help but think it is deliberate.

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You know what can happen when people have no access to food. I have told you this over and over again. What happens when a father sees his children going hungry, even a man who hasn’t so much as received a traffic ticket in his life? What is he capable of? What would a mother do for her children? This is no laughing matter or something to file away in the back of your mind. Take this very seriously, and continue your preparations. Remember the most important rule, keep your preparations under wraps and your lips sealed.

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You may have heard friends and families expressing concern over the increase in food prices lately. Of course, you and I have been aware this was coming for a while now, but those who are paying attention and preparing accordingly are in the minority. However, the general public is now noticing their grocery bill has become steeper compared to the same time last year. Many Americans expect food costs to gradually return to normal as the health crisis tapers off. However, that assumption is incorrect. This is not just my opinion, but experts are stating this across the board. Let’s look at why.


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