Behind the Scenes of Sweden “No Go Zone”

By Gabrielle Seunagal
A few days ago, Tim Pool visited a “No Go Zone” in Malmo, Sweden to document the present-day immigrant crisis. Upon doing so, he gained awareness of the critical issues in Malmo, attracting death threats along the way. Sweden’s decision to grant mass entry to immigrants has not served them well. The migrants have reportedly engendered most of the shootings and rapes throughout the land and those who dare to discuss the dangers they face are at risk of imprisonment. The situation is quite catastrophic.
The surge of crime amongst refugees throughout the past few weeks has prompted Swedish locals and officials to regret their immigration decisions. Peter Springare, a Swedish policeman, announced on Facebook that the anarchic affairs were “not ordinary Swedish crimes,” but “a different animal.” Swedish politicians have been accused of turning a blind eye to the crimes of immigrants, purely for the sake of political correctness.How stupid can they be? The reality of these people being in power is absolutely disturbing. Springare also praised President Trump for his accurate account of Sweden’s plight. How long will Swedish leaders ignore the unlawful acts in their own country? These individuals have a duty to put the interests of their people first. Refugees should always be heavily, carefully vetted before they are authorized to come into the country.

To make matters even worse,  the foreigners lack the proper identification to be vetted or pinpointed. These findings are solid indicators of immigrants who are lying about their nationality. Following the outbreaks of crimes from lawless immigrants, Swedish politicians, policemen, and even locals were forced to admit that President Trump was correct to shed light on potential repercussions of mass immigration. Some people seemed determined to learn the truth the hard way: You cannot embrace people who want to annihilate you. It never works and always results in peril.

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