Belgian PM Calls for “Pause” on Russian Sanctions

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by Chris Black

Everybody, even the mainstream media, know that Ukraine has lost the war in Donbas. Their military is so “rekt” that they’re rounding up random strangers on the streets and ordering them to report for military service.

The American media is finally beginning to admit that victory for the Ukraine is not possible. If the media is admitting it, the governments are all fully aware of it, and people have to start asking why they are destroying their own economies to punish Russia for a fully justified war that is already over anyway.

Biden refused to send new weapons to the Ukraine this week, and now the head of an EU state is calling for people to stop and think for a second.

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Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo has welcomed the EU agreement on a sixth package of sanctions against Moscow but called for a “pause” until the impact of the measures is known.


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