Benefits of opening a company in Holland

Holland in Europe is considered to be one of the best options for setting up a new business. It is because of its suitable climate conditions and extremely well connected strategic location. To open a company in Holland, you get an advantage of a highly educated and skilled workforce with the best physical connectivity of businesses. The Netherlands is considered to be one of the popularly known European destinations for the creation and attraction of various companies, which are registered as private limited liability companies that ensure advantageous taxation. The Netherlands has a VAT rate of twenty-one percent on goods and services imported into the Netherlands. Among European countries, goods and services can be provided at a zero percent VAT rate. Organizations with a VAT number may want to refund VAT.  

The business culture in Holland is adaptive and it can be easily taken as an interesting option to start a business in European countries. Holland also provides you with high-quality infrastructure, and if your business is based in a developing country, the Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries can help you find business partners. That’s how choosing Holland, being the founding member of the European Union, is considered an excellent choice for setting up a business. There are enormous benefits of opening a company in Holland and here are some of them for you to look up and understand Holland’s business culture better. 

  • Liability is reduced and offers good representation: Shareholders are not responsible for the company’s debts. The risk is usually limited to the investment they make in the company. Every type of business whether local or international enjoys and craves a good reputation in world commerce. Therefore, for these businesses to start their business, Holland acts as a huge advantage for them in terms of representation.


  • Makes it easy for you to start a business: The businesses have to pay minimum share capital which makes it easy for them to initiate new business. The initial minimum equity required for the establishment of BV was eighteen thousand Euro, but as of October 2012, it is only one cent. Therefore, It is now very easy to start a business. 


  • Holland has a strong business base and relationships: Holland attracts foreign companies operating in any sector of the economy through its political firmness, strong law, and outstanding international relations. Holland welcomes foreign investors and entrepreneurs: from small and medium-sized businesses to Fortune 500 international companies with an open heart. The perfect location not just geographically but also economically.   


  • Favorable taxation system: Holland has established a comprehensive agreement network to avoid double taxation. International companies can therefore take advantage of reduced tax holdings in respect of profits, and interest transferred to businesses registered in Holland and lower taxes on the proceeds from the sale of shares in their source countries. One of the many reasons why the Netherlands is a good country to start your business is the Dutch taxation system, which prefers foreign direct investment.


  • Easy to get registered by the Dutch government: It is noteworthy that the Netherlands is considered one of the easiest countries in Europe to start a business. The company registration process can be completed in a few days, by an advanced online system set up by the investors by the Dutch government. The Dutch government gives new businesses the deserved support and guidance. Also, foreign businesses do not have to meet other requirements without obtaining residence permits if they also want to relocate here, which makes business relocation policies favorable.


  • Offers the advantage of the large talent pool and ensures new innovations: The Netherlands is considered to be the opposite as compared to the workforce of other European countries. It is because the accessibility of a skilled and multilingual workforce is easier in Holland whereas in other European countries it has been comparatively difficult. And this might be the sole reason why young people from neighboring countries get attracted to the Netherlands. The Netherlands is one of the most technologically advanced countries as of now in the world. This is why it relies on new industries to explore and grow, in addition to traditional ones. Therefore, those with new interests will find it easier to improve their businesses here in Holland.

There are many reasons to choose the Netherlands as the location of your company, all depending on whether there is an investor interested in your business. Although the Netherlands is considered to be a small country, it is the one with the world’s most developed economies, attracting many new investors. 

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