Best Economy EVER Yet Credit Card Debt Skyrockets To RECORD HIGH…Hmmmm

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Doesn’t it seem weird to you that the economy is so fantastic but debt is at an all time record high, credit card, household debt. The worst type of debt. 17% interest type of debt. But I guess it’s all good as long as my 7 shares of Tesla keep going higher.

U.S. Household Debt Exceeds $14 Trillion for the First Time – BNN Bloomberg

Household debt jumps the most in 12 years, Federal Reserve report says

Credit-Card Debt in U.S. Rises to Record $930 Billion – WSJ

Charging into Adulthood: Credit Cards and Young Consumers -Liberty Street Economics

Consumer insolvencies approach record in debt-weary Canada – BNN Bloomberg

More higher-income Ontarians struggling with debt: Study – BNN Bloomberg



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