Best Electric Cars from 1900-1916 – Oil & Gas for Profits & Wars Only

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by Thinker

Is everything that happens in this world based around greed? What would the world be like today if electric cars never stopped being manufactured? What would the environment be like if oil wells and pipelines were never in existence?

Did you know about the electric car of the 1900’s?

The Baker Electric Car

The Baker Motor Vehicle Company was based in Cleveland Ohio, a center of early automobile manufacturing second only to Detroit. Baker produced some of the best electric cars from 1900-1916. The Baker family was joined at the hip with the White family, generations of whom built sewing machine and motor vehicle empires. Walter C. Baker started the American Ball Bearing Company with his father-in-law Rollin Charles White and brother-in-law Fred White. The Baker motor vehicle company was a spin-off of the ball bearing and axle company, with similar management, and an original purpose of demonstrating the efficiency of their ball bearing axles. By 1910 the companies were of similar size and occupied twin factories with a shared power plant.

Baker was one of the more innovative electric car companies and American Ball Bearing was a pioneer in Vanadium steel axles.

Cleveland’s electrical history began in the 1870’s with local pioneer Charles F. Brush who created the first city lighting systems and the first central power stations in North America for his arc lights. More important for electric car development, and co-incident with Faure in Europe, he invented the pasted plate lead-acid battery, which had three times the capacity of an improved Planté cell, and made a full size battery vehicle practicable. The Electric Storage Battery Company purchased his battery patents. General Electric got the others (thru Thomson-Huston) such as dynamo, motor, distribution equipment, arc light, and the American license for the Swan incandescent light bulb.

These photos are of what is probably a 1907 Baker Electric. Originally we thought it was a 1901 Baker Electric due to documents registering such a car to E. W. Rice of General Electric, but under the seat there is a GE motor with a last patent date of May 1903, so unless the motor is a replacement the car is later. The serial number suggests it is an early 1907 motor. This car might well have been the second Baker that Rice owned, as six years is a reasonable interval between new cars.

Porsche Electric Cars

Professor Ferdinand Porsche, had an early interest in electric vehicles. He was an electrical engineer at the Béla Egger Electric Co and was given the task of designing an electric car for the coachbuilder Jacob Lohner & Co. They built a few prototypes that were similar in design to other first attempts of the time, with a pair of motors using spur gears on the armature shafts to drive large ring gears fixed to the rear wheels. The Egger motors kept burning out, so Ludwig Lohner hired Porsche away from Egger, and he came up with a radically different approach using hub motors. This was not a unique idea, as an American hub motor patent was granted in 1899 to Fred J. Newman and Joseph Ledwinka. They build a four-wheel drive prototype in New Jersey.

A small number of:

Who Killed The Electric Street Car?

In this excerpt from Stephen Talbot’s “Heartbeat of America” (1993), Christopher Snell explains how GM conspired with oil & tire companies to kill streetcars in cities all across America in order to create an inferior bus system that would guarantee the sale of tires, gas, and bus parts for an eternity. As Snell explains, “They would go in, buy a street railway system. They’d convert it to General Motors Buses. The General Motors busses would run on Firestone tires. And they’d be fueled by, in the east, Phillips, and in the west, Standard Oil California.” In 1947, according to Snell, the Federal Government charged GM and its partners with criminal conspiracy. The result was that GM was fined $5,000 and its top official was fined a single dollar. Compare this to the over 150 billion dollar project currently in the works of trying to build a railway system for Los Angeles today.

How Standard Oil and GM Stymied Public Transportation in LA

Who profited from the discovery and use of gas and oil? – Rockefeller Conspiracy To Take Over The Oil Industry

Was it all just for wars, power, and control? What men/women would betray those they would call their brother or countrymen for a dollar?

The Oligarchical Bush Family of Generational Treason
The Oligarchical Bush Family of Generational Treason from the Nazi SS and Adolf Hitler to Osama bin Laden. The journalist in this video is providing factually true evidence. The oligarchical Bush family of generational treason reaching back to the namesake of the two Bush presidents, George Herbert Walker. The way we do anything is the way we do everything. In the same manner that Prescott Bush traded with the Nazi industrial complex against the United States during WWII, so too did both Bush presidents with the Carlyle Trading Group and Bin Laden family. Unbeknownst to the Saudi Arabian 911 hijackers, was that a number of those same enemy combatants were also psychologically conditioned CIA jackal assets.


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