BEST. NEWS. EVER. $17 Supermarket Brand Scotch Named Best in the World.

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Scotch lovers who are unburdened by pretense (I believe there are at least fourteen in the world) just received some wonderful news: a $17-dollar-a-bottle whiskey just won a taste competition:

According to Esquire, international supermarket chain Aldi had not one, but two winners at the “Spirits Business Scotch Whisky Masters,” where they won “one for its Highland Black Scotch Whisky, and another for its Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky.”

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The Islay Single Malt is the pricier of the two, by the way. It sells for $23.

As the tweet noted, this is the second year in a row that the bargain scotches have won a prize. Once could be considered a fluke, but twice in a row pretty much cements both as legit.


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