Best Places to Buy Residential Property in New Jersey 2022

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  • Introduction 
  • How to Choose the Right Area
  • Importance of the Right Neighborhood
  • Brief Overview of The New Jersey Housing Market

Following are the places to buy residential property that is worthwhile in 2022. 

  1. The Jersey City
  2. Bayonne
  3. Jefferson Township
  4. Robbinsville


FAQ Section 


Moving to Houses in New Jersey could be great if you are willing to buy your own home. While choosing your dream house, you also need to consider factors. New Jersey is known as a family hometown & a preference of young professionals. To buy a residential property in New Jersey, you must know a few facts.   

How to choose the Right Area

It’s excellent to look both at the more prominent metropolitan region and the particular postal division and town to get a clear picture of what’s happening nearby. One of the most significant elements is the growth of the population. You want to find out whether individuals are moving into the area quicker than they’re moving out. This will decide interest for properties.

The second thing which needs to consider is Job Growth. The job market must be diversified, and multiple opportunities should be available instead of limited options. It’s additionally essential to ensure that the work market is enhanced. After you distinguish a couple of potential regions, now is the ideal time to zoom in and take a gander at more modest picture factors influencing that selling the property is so natural.

Importance of The Right Neighborhood

It is a verified essential factor while investing in a residential property. People always prefer to Buy Houses in New Jersey near their workplace, and public transportation should also not be very far away. When your home is at the ideal location, it will not make your life easy but also very important when selling. The resale value of your house will give you a handsome amount in terms of profit. Choosing the right neighborhood is also important because you can’t change your neighbor, your decision and you have to live with that for the rest of the period. 

Brief Overview of the New Jersey Housing Market 

There are a few dramatic changes that emerged in the New Jersey housing market after post covid situation. A brief overview of the New Jersey Housing market will give you a better idea of the current situation. Home prices are an upward trend despite slim inventory. 

According to the data & statistics of the Trade Association of New Jersey Realtors, the role of the Millennials is very essential because they are the largest shareholders 37% of the home buying market. According to the facts and analysis of the experts, we are going to discuss the most important places to buy residential properties in New Jersey. 

Following are the best places to buy a residential property in New Jersey.  

The Jersey City

Jersey City is located in Hudson city also known as one of the favorite markets in New Jersey. Properties are more affordable as compared to other places. This city has a great market for rental property as well. If you buy a residence for rental income then this city is for you. There are variety of business sector in the city including transportation, manufacturing & distribution and Financial Service etc. The decision of residing at any place should be taken after reviewing all aspects, future perspective is the most essential part of that decision.  

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The population of the city is approximately 65,000. You can find a starter home here under $ 300,000 but there might be a possibility the average price increases up to $ 100,000 in 2022. The Bayonne is going through a phase of redevelopment, on the east side of the city projects started of residential construction for rental purpose and different shopping mall as well. Due to its ideal location of the Houses in New Jersey, Bayonne connects its path line to Jersey City and people can easily move to New York City as well. This city has all genuine reasons to attract a new home buyers to settle here.     

Jefferson Township

This city has a population of 21,000. All types of education facilities are available. People who prefer quality education consider Jefferson Township for residential purposes. One of the biggest parks in the country is also situated there. Its distance is just 50 miles from Manhattan. It attracts buyers because of the low crime ratio and beautiful residences near lakes and greenery. 


This city is designed with the approach of new urbanism. It is an approach adapted for walkable neighbors, feature parks, shopping & restaurants. The giant retailers have built their distribution centers in it, including Amazon. Quality education in high school is the identity of this city. Home buyers consider this city an opportunity to settle down and live a quality life with their loved ones. 


After a brief overview of the New Jersey Real Estate Market, we discussed above the best place for residential properties. Considering the market trend and consumer behavior and the worth of the Houses in New Jersey, you need to analyze which area is suitable for you while considering the affordability factor. Other aspects of the home buying market discussed above must be considered for better decision-making. As far as residential properties are concerned, a few places have been discussed which are an ideal choice in 2022.   

FAQ Section      

Question. Which is the second most populated city in New Jersey? 

Answer. Jersey City is the second most populated city in New Jersey.

Question. What is the market share of Millennials? 

Answer. The market share of Millennials is approximately 37 %. 

Question. Is there any change seen in the housing market of New Jersey after a pandemic?  

Answer. There is an upward trend in the prices in the post-covid market. 

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