Bet it ALL on BEAR! A true DD story – SPY GAME IS RIGGED

by FapForGodEyes

So basically back in 5/22 I thought SPY would break 280 and start dropping but the head of the Discord channel I was on bet me it would rebound and rise up to 300. We both took opposite positions and I lost out.

After that I formed a DD group with all the other traders who also thought the market was gonna crash and one of us mentioned a trader who came up with an Algo that basically predicts the S&P futures each time. It made 4k to 408k.

So here’s basically the idea. Markets are rigged by market makers. What makes a movie a good movie? A plot twist. The Directors are the Market makers. Each episode has a false open and then a true direction in the opposite way. Here’s an example:

The Algo to rule All Algos

So basically after a consolidation (Blue) there is a episode, starting with a false open (Red) and then a in the case it gets over-extended (Yellow) or near it and starts reversing buy the call / future. Then it goes into the (Green) where the episode plays out exactly the same size as the “intermission” (Blue). The Cliffhanger (Purple)

Sometimes it’s unclear and you need to sit on your hands to while the intermission happens:

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Happened today 6/16-6/17

And it found a direction

Down is the Future

But all this is a “FALSE” pattern built by the Feds (JPOW) QE and followed buy most of the Kangaroos, and in the speeches today (testifying to the House and Senate) he mentioned switching from ETFs and bypassing the markets all together to buying Corporate Junk Bonds.

Here’s a possible plan for tomorrow.

We are ready for a serious crash coming soon. We’re getting off the QE benefits. Bears get your puts! Bulls go for the VIXes! Kangaroos, pick a side. If you don’t believe me, watch the futures and see if this episode works out.


Disclaimer: This information is only for educational purposes. Do not make any investment decisions based on the information in this article. Do you own due diligence.


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