Beto O’Rourke’s entire presidential campaign reeks of politicians, the Media, and the elite pulling an Obama 2.0

by doigtaloeil

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Beto hasn’t even officially been running for president for a day and for months we’ve seen countless cringey articles going out of their way to make him appear as human as possible. I think the simple fact is that those in power chose him as their candidate over a year ago and have been copying the Obama playbook right down to a T. The dude even ran for a Senate seat 2 years before the presidential election just as Obama did. $80 million dollars were spent on Beto’s campaign, more than any other senate race. Everything about the Media’s involvement in the race suggests that from the beginning they anticipated him winning, only to immediately run for president now with a more respected title like Senator to his name. When Election Day came and Beto lost, there were no articles mentioning the fact that the Democrats lost a Senate race despite spending more money than any other one in history and despite running against a man as hated as Ted Cruz. Instead we were showered with articles about how much of victory his loss was. We’ve been getting Beto articles regularly for months since then and I think it’s pretty obvious that the Media decided immediately after the 2018 election that rather than pick another candidate, they’re going to keep trying to run him for president and just ignore the fact that he lost a Senate race. It seems to me that they’ve realized as long as they keep running articles like this terrible fluff piece and go on about how “historic for Americans” his failure in 2018 was, they still have a shot a getting their hand picked candidate in control.


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