Better Late Than Never: Trump Just Unveiled His NCAA Bracket And He Nailed Every Prediction

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Via The Babylon Bee

WASHINGTON, D.C.—While President Trump had initially indicated he would not be filling out a March Madness bracket this year, the president changed his mind and released one late last night.

Amazingly, the bracket was perfect.

Trump unveiled the world’s first flawless bracket at a White House press conference, proudly declaring how he had predicted every game accurately.

“I just had a good feeling about Virginia this year,” he said as he showed off the bracket, which had clearly been printed from an internet site after the completion of last night’s championship game. “I am a very good predictor. I’m not sure why so many people have trouble filling these things out. You just have to Google who won the games and then fill them in.”

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“It is a very good bracket, one of the best,” he added.

Reporters discovered Trump’s original bracket in a trash bin nearby, revealing that before his revised bracket released last night, he had predicted that Trump University would beat the Electoral College in the championship game.


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