Beware “new” debt consolidation companies

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by gingerwittasoul

I just received “debt consolidation” offers from Crisp Funds and Whistler Funding. I found it odd they were essentially identical, seemed to offer too good to be true rates and had no Reg Z disclosures.

In the little bit of research I’ve done I’ve found that the same “company” is doing business under numerous names all run by the semi-infamous MEC Distribution…

Their previous “businesses” include:

Guardian Angel Funding

Graphite Funding

Salvation Funding

Doublestar Financial

Broadstar Financial

Bridgeline Funding

Pebblestone Financial

Lafayette Funding

Crestmont Funding

Guardian Angel Funding

Sovereign Funding

It appears that since they caught so much heat under these names they have recently opened new “businesses”…I have found at least 3 new ones:

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Crisp Funds Whistler Funding Stonedale Partners

Identical mailers, nearly identical websites, all 3 sites anonymously registered on 10/25/18. God knows how many other names they’re functioning under. They’re also using virtual addresses for all of their “businesses”…

Their disclosures state they are a marketing firm that simply tries to connect you to an outside lender and make a referral bonus but people who have spoken to them are told “they couldn’t find a match for you” and they recommend their scammy debt settlement program.

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Perhaps worst of all, they’re run under a Rent-A-Tribe scam so that they are protected against lawsuits by sovereign immunity afforded to Native American tribes by operating as a “tribal-run” business. So you wouldn’t have any recourse for when they inevitably scam you. (This is also how they get away with not having the legally required Reg Z disclosures on their offers)


Edited to update MEC Funding to the name found on BBB, etc. (MEC Distribution) so folks can see some of the prior issues


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